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It is better to refrain. Cadasil – active ingredient tadalafil, affects the body within 24 hours; the recommended dose for most adult patients is 20 mg. Diagnosis From going to the doctor many men stops the shyness in the process of thinking about what he will be in the office of a urologist. So, how to help myself? Drugs based on natural products This Chapter will not be considered all known drugs to increase potency, which certainly have a strong impact and can give a man absolute confidence and new emotions, but at the same time give dependence, confidence then ends with the action of the drug. Humanity knows a huge number of herbs that have a healing effect on weakened the male body.

Nutritionists recommend that men under the prevention of weakening of potency or in the process of recovery to stick to this diet, where in sufficient quantity will contain: Milk and nuts – every day you need to consume a Cup of shelled walnuts and drink their milk, the reception can be divided into three parts. An ancient remedy for erectile dysfunction The stalk is very useful to men is one of the oldest drugs for successful treatment of impotence. Bananas and dates to increase potency Habitual and familiar to all of us BANANAS can increase sexual desire and enhance sexual function. The exclusion of one or more of these components subsequently leads to the violation of others, and most often, the disorder affects the stage of erection or ejaculation. But each representative of the plant world has its own characteristics – do not forget about it! And each of us, as a rule, there is not one but several diseases.

The quality of potency depends the confidence men in the Commission of their acts. The second exercise Standing in the Nude (exercise requires solitude and following), to make quick and sudden movements of the pelvis forward and back, swinging his dick like a pendulum. To insist ginseng can be up to three times, just pouring the vodka into the bottle. Korean ginseng – improves the function of sexual glands in men and women, used for impotence. The cycle is divided into three stages, each of 10 repetitions: slow compression of the muscles, hold for a count of three and slow relaxation. According to Roy Monihan if male impotence is very easy to diagnose, women put such a dangerous diagnosis: the female sexual function, unlike men, can be difficult to accurate measurement. Sometimes causes "male misfires" are obvious and sometimes they are more thorough. – nervous disorders caused by mental and physical injuries, multiple sclerosis – Smoking, resulting in poor blood circulation for a long period of alcohol abuse and dependence, which can lead to disorder of the nervous system. Aphrodisiacs for men Aphrodisiac is the so-called Spanish fly is a highly stimulating drug. These side effects can cause sexual problems.